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My DIY Autumn Spice Color Formula

Greg Gilmore

Yet again, another beautiful hair color that I want to share with all of you.
Jessica was already a light honey brown (level 6) with dark honey highlights (level 8). I decided to work with it by adding a few strokes of lightener to her fringe area as well as some peekaboo panels on the left and on the right sides. I toned her hair using a semi-permanent deposit only color by Joico called Fiery Coral.
The high and low tones of her blonde and honey hue colors in the hair made for a great pallet to display the semi-permanent color. I applied the color all over the hair, leaving the lighter pieces out in foil. When I shampooed the hair for the last time; it allowed the color in the suds to lightly tone the blonde pieces giving the overall finish of a little more spice! ;-)

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