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Healthy Hair Starts from Within

Greg Gilmore

Many people attribute healthy hair to external care like the use of good shampoos and conditioners. Although the right shampoo and conditioner is a very important part of hair maintenance it is not the only important part. Healthy hair is also produce by internal means as well.

Before the hair leaves the epidermis layer of the scalp it is nourished within the environment of the scalp skin. From the moment textured hair leaves the nourishment of the scalp skin it’s on it’s own to battle the outside elements which can consist of our combs, dryers, the sun, and or chemical services. At the follicle level The hair is a robust and nourished infrastructure underneath the skin however if the body is compromised from the start with unhealthy diet, ill health or stress The hair will suffer before it even exits the epidermis layer of the scalp.

Our hair is a reflection of our internal bodily function. When are bodies are under stress Nutritional deficiencies , thyroid problems illness or just day to day stresses energy is redirected from producing hair to reinforcing more critical bodily processes. Hair starts to shed or can become thinner because of this. Eating healthy and trying your best to stay stress free is something that should seriously be considered when attempting to accumulate healthier hair.

Drinking water is a great attribute to maintaining moisture balance in your hair. This also applies to our skin. Its important to maintain good health from the inside out. Mind and Body are One. Knowing this ,lets drop the stress and drink a green smoothie. #Smile

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