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Hairstylist Website Audit

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Hairstylist Website Audit

Do you have a website that does nothing for you? Are automated emails being sent out to your clients? Are you reminding your clients that you have products for sale? Is your website working for you? If you answered NO to any of these questions, you are not getting a return on your website investment.

Allow my Digital Team to audit your current website and show you how to get the most from your audit report. Let my team show you how to make money with your website! Stop wondering why potential clients are not finding you on Google. Stop wondering why your website is not getting any traffic or leads. Stop wondering why your competitors are making more money than you.

After you've completed the above form, please click the the Add to Cart button to proceed to the checkout page. You will receive your website audit within 48 hours with instructions on your next steps.

What to expect in your audit report?

  • Keyword Rank Analysis
    • Find out where you currently rank in Google. It is critical to keep track of how your website is performing in a timely fashion. To evaluate where it stands in the online world, how it’s faring with respect to competitors and where it's ranking in the search engine (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) 
  • SEO factors – On Page Analysis
    • Is your current website optimized for search engines to find you
  • Cache Analysis
    • Know when Google last visited your website pages. If you’re constantly adding new material (blogs, images, etc) to your website, Google won’t want to stay away; Google doesn't want to miss anything new that you post for fear of not having your site fully indexed in its search engine. Adding fresh content to your site is the easiest way to entice Google to come back and come back often.
  • Current Indexing & where your web pages rank in Google
    • Indexing generally refers to getting your web pages  indexed in Google & other search engines. A search engine will crawl your website in search of content to add to its index.
  • Website Content Review
    • Are you adding enough content for Google to crawl and index your site 
  • Competitive Landscape (links)
    • Are you garnering any links with your content/is anyone linking to your website. Getting external links are the most important source of ranking power. 
  • Website Accessibility
    • Is your website mobile friendly and accessible? People now research products via mobile, video ads, only later to order products when they are home after spending more time online researching on their desktops, laptops or tablets. 
  • Trust Metrics
    • How much does Google and other search engines trust your site? Learn how to regularly check your Page and Domain authority including your competitor sites


After our team conducts research on your website, a report will be delivered within 48 hours to the email address that you provided in the questionnaire and it will include:

  • Basic plan of action that you can follow
  • Highest priority SEO elements to address
  • How to track your efforts with the tools available to you online

You'll also receive a phone call from one of my Digital Marketing team members.  

If you have a website, and you are not making any sales; then you are probably not ranking organically with keywords. You need an audit and an easy to follow action plan!
If you have any questions, please email hairbygreggilmore@gmail.com.
Digital Marketing Strategist, Tia Jones, spearheads all Digital Marketing services including Website Audits! Download Tia Jones Fact Sheet. 

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