Ladies and gentlemen, my team and I are working hard to fulfill #NewCutNewLife product orders in a timely manner while turning over websites. However, we want to make sure that we GIVE BACK to the community. To all my fellow artists out there, we're giving away a Starter Website and #NewCutNewLife gear. Please see how to enter the Starter Website giveaway below. For those trying to win #NewCutNewLife gear, simply subscribe to my newsletter (#issaraffle).

Entering the Starter Website giveaway is easy. You simply follow 4 steps.
Subscribe to my newsletter
Go to and follow my Instagram account, Greg_Gilmore if you're not already and REPOST my 'Starter Website' post (IMAGE BELOW) and in the caption tell me in two sentences why you deserve to WIN
TAG me Greg_Gilmore and @MasteringPoP with two of your clients (Showing your work)
Follow @masteringpop on Instagram
In order to participate in the Starter Website giveaway, you must be a licensed cosmetologist. If you win, you must show proof that your cosmetology license is current in your state. Those that have expired licenses cannot participate in the giveaway.

In addition, you must have an Instagram account and have a minimum of 10 published images of your work. Please know that if you WIN, you'll need to have a registered domain aka (website URL), which you can buy here for only $12.95 for the year.

The Starter Website giveaway begins July 9, 2018 (midnight) and ends August 9, 2018 at 12pm PST noon.

The winner will be announced via my newsletter #theGtouch, and social media channels (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc) on August 13th.

Okay -- Please make sure you follow the giveaway instructions and good luck to everyone that enters! Let's GO!