Very grateful to have this special opportunity to be interviewed by Melanie Kopeikin for ProBeautyTalks. It was a special moment for me to have a chance to voice some of my experiences and insight in the Hair industry as well as the journey of hair artists on such a unique and visible platform. I was truly honored to be apart of this amazing group of Hair Artists who have been interviewed with great insights of their own.
To check out this Interview go to the link below or you can go to  I was able to share some very candid experiences and knowledge that I have gained in the hair industry. Definitely a message for anyone trying to reach a goal and who may have a dream that you aspire to.
Thank you so much @probeautytalks and @beautylaunchpad for making this platform possible! It is a evolutionary idea that highlights Hair Artists for the work and meaningful insights they have which I feel many times can be overlooked. Thank you so much!