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When Going Blonde this Summer You Need to Remember 3 Things 

Greg Gilmore

1.  UVB and UVA rays can be very damaging to the hair strands’cuticle. Therefore, it’s important to protect your Blonde hair from those rays with products that have UVA and UVB protection or absorbers in them. For example, a great product that is helpful in protecting your hair from the sun is Design Essentials Agave and Lavender Blow Dry Collection.

2.  Keeping blonde hair moisturized is very important. Hair can become dry and brittle which can lead to damage if there is not enough moisture in the hair; especially if you are getting a high lift color service. Using pomades or styling creams are best in protecting the hair from the elements and it also helps the hair to retain moisture. 

3.   Purchase shampoos that are sulfate free so that you can use them in between salon visits. This will help to preserve the integrity of blonde color treated hair. Due to regular shampoos having strong detergents in them, it’s important to use sulfate free (softer) shampoos and co-wash’s that keep the hair from drying out as much. 

What does Co-Wash mean? Using conditioner or a conditioner-like cream based product to cleanse the hair, as an alternative to shampoo. Also known as co-wash, cowash, co wash, and c/w.

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