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Up & Coming Writer Tiffany Cudjoe & Director LaVern Whitt Source My Boo, Tia Jones

Greg Gilmore

New up and coming writer Tiffany Cudjoe and Director Producer LaVern Whitt sourced my Boo, Tia Jones, CEO of Mastering P.o.P to build awareness and online presence for "Prey The Short Film."

A  basic starter website was created for black film writers/producers Tiffany Cudjoe and LaVern Whitt. These talented film writers reached out to my marketing gal,Tia to help market their new short film Prey.

Tia, is the Digital Producer of Prey The Short Film. She created their logo, tagline, starter website, developed all content (marketing collateral), promotional gear, and more. As part of the Creative team, Tia developed their overall marketing campaign and strategy for their submission process to Sundance/Cannes Film Festivals, Netflix and Hulu.

The short film "Prey" is about an online predator who lurks in teen dating websites and catfishes our young, unsuspecting 14 year old lead, played by Alijah Haggins, daughter of Tichina Arnold, best known for her role as Pam on Martin and matriarch Rochelle on Everybody Hates Chris. Tichina is also starring on a new show on ABC called 'The Neighborhood.'

Prey the Short Film will be shared with middle schools and high schools as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to bring awareness to children about the dangers of online predators.

Please show your support by purchasing and rocking Prey gear to help spread the message to our young kids.

Alijah Kai Haggins

Alijah Kai Haggins - Prey the Short Film

Executive Producer, Writer Tiffany Cudjoe

Tiffany Cudjoe Prey the Short Film

Executive Producer, Writer La Vern Whitt

La Vern Whitt - Prey the Short Film


Tia Jones, Digital Producer

Tia Jones Digital Producer - Prey the Short Film


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