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Taylor & York Salon

Greg Gilmore

You know there are some really really dope artists on Instagram and other social media platforms who I feel are SO dope, but sometimes are just off in the Cut chillin’.
This week I would like to shine some light on the small group of Artists at Taylor and York Salon! I have been following their work and I am very impressed with their execution of blondes! They have beautiful blowouts, haircuts and do a superb job with blonde coloring and the transitions from dark to light on their blonde clients. Their blending is Sick! By looking at their work you can tell that it took lots of training and that this group is a well educated one. One thing I know as a stylist, you never want to burnout and you want to always keep learning so that you are always improving your technical skills.
This is a concept that by the looks of it Taylor and York is well aware of. I will be looking to see a lot more from them as they continue to grow as successful artists! If you're in the D.C. Maryland location and in need of some dope color execution; you might want to check them out. I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful experience. Definitely want to pop up On my next visit to D.C. I would love to come and say “Hello."
You can find Taylor and York on Instagram or at their website. 

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