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Stay Hungry by Staying INSPIRED

Greg Gilmore

Everyone always talks about staying hungry. In other words, be ambitious determined and display a go-getter attitude at all times. However, when it comes down to being hungry, what exactly motivates the hunger? If you're a self starter or have a pressing life situation that motivates you to move, you probably wont be hungry all the time, right?  That's why I feel that in order to be hungry, you must be inspired.

What would we all do, if we didn't have the stimulus of our world to help motivate and inspire us to MOVE?.Life without moments of aw, or the witnessing of creation, like when a hairstylist slices through hair to reveal a beautiful shape. Inspiration comes from many sources, but as a cosmetologist, nothing excites me more than watching a really dope haircut happen. Learning and retaining the information; the "Haircut" you’ve just witnessed, is the process of being inspired.

Often times you are hungry because of inspiration. So instead of saying 'Stay Hungry' let's start saying 'Stay Inspired.' 

The Best and Most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.“ - Helen Keller

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