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Seriously, is it really worth the sacrifice?

Greg Gilmore

Sometimes a client will come to me and want a particular look, however the client may be unaware of what's required to take her there. Example, a client comes to me and wants to go to a level 9 Ash Blonde from a level 3 dark brown and still keep a relaxer. Of course this is a situation that would require a lot of sacrifice. It would compromise her hair considerably and it's a risk that could possibly give her significant hair breakage. On the other hand if it's achieved; it would definitely be such a dope look that it could change her hair life.

One thing about hair is that we dress it in ways to represent something about us that usually involves confidence, style or flare. What more could you want from your hair, but for it to represent you in the best way it can. So you can’t blame the client for asking or trying to be her best self. It’s about finding a way for her imagination and vision to meet with the real reality of her hair’s situation. As a Cosmetologist I feel like it's our job to help the client to understand the risks involved and the process needed to be taken to give her a realistic view of the full picture. After that it's our job to charge accordingly and educate her/him on why it will cost as much as it does.

Most people underestimate the expense of having the right color and additional products required to produce different looks. This step is important, because it helps the Cosmetologist feel better about performing the service as well. If you are coloring your hair and relaxing it of course that's two different chemicals right there along with bond builders you want to add to insure your work and preserve the hair’s integrity. Not to mention the toners, the shampoos, and the conditioners or stabilizers required and all the styling products needed towards the finish of the style. Yes, services can get pricey, but hey you get what you pay for and sometimes its not always worth the sacrifice.

That's why its always good to assess the clients long term goals. See if she will still feel that way later. Let her or him be aware of what could happen now or  further down the line. If she has also been thinking about growing her hair out then it wouldn’t be a good option for her to go level 9 or 10 with hair that is only 3 inches long and will require root retouching to maintain the color. So much overlapping would occur and break the hair down so much that it would never get a chance to accumulate length.

Anything good is worth waiting for so if your going high lift blonde, maybe lift in stages for a healthier outcome. If your growing your hair out perhaps you shouldn’t monitor it just allow it to grow and enjoy the journey. Whatever sacrifices you want to make just know why you're making them and after you have made your choice; stick to it!


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