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Greg Gilmore

Mennia Going Blonde | Cool Blonde Formula 
I prelightened Mennia’s hair using Blondor and 30 volume along with Wellaplex all by Wella. I lifted the roots to a level 10 and left the root at a level 8. I proceeded to tone with 26 grams of 12/11 + 26 grams of 12/61 + 52 grams of 20 Volume. After the process was finished I then mixed together a shampoo cap with a little lightener, developer and clarifying shampoo. I shampooed this on the mid-shaft and after about 3 minutes; I spreader it to the root. 
This took off a small amount of the toner and left some of the root slightly darker giving the overall look more dimension. Its very necessary to use Wellaplex with this process in all mixers as well as the number 2 part of Wellaplex for 5 minutes after the lightening process as well as the toning process.

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