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Greg Gilmore

People underestimate the power of a shampoo service. This is the one time that a woman can sit back and not worry about getting get her hair wet. lol

It's such an invigorating feeling to have someone shampoo all of your troubles away at the shampoo bowl. You can just relax and release. It's an important step in the overall process of getting your hair done.

Tip One

Remember to shampoo your hair with warm to cool water, because hot water can be very drying to the hair.

Tip Two

When you shampoo your hair, be sure to stop occasionally and move your hands in a downward motion as you work down the hair shaft. This will help to prevent your hair from tangling.

Tip Three

Hair is weakest when it's wet so this is the time to be most careful with your hair. Remember that it is best to detangle your hair with conditioner and a Large Tooth Detangle Comb. This helps to give each strand of hair more room to travel when combing through the hair. It will enable the hair to detangle easier and reduces the chance of potential breakage.

These helpful tips should be done on a regular basis when shampooing your hair between salon visits. It will ensure that your hair will maintain its length, be manageable and beautiful.


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