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Instagram Follower @luxuryprovocateur SnapsBack!

Greg Gilmore

My uncle @luxuryprovocateur on IG is soooo dope! He's sportin' my Black GG snapback and I'm soooo excited! UNCLE, you know I made this hat with you in mind, right?! LOL! Okay y'all, don’t start dm-Ing me for my Uncle's number either. I know he's fine and all. LMAO!!

A BIG shoutout to my family for always supporting me!! A brotha's workin' hard in these streets!

If you like my GG snapback, you can find it right here. Remember, GG can mean anything you want (e.g. Glory God, Good God, God's Grace, etc). LOL!  If hat's aren't for you, I promise I have something for you at the #theGtouch shop!

Alright -- until next time y'all!

Greg Gilmore Hair's Black Snapback GG Hat


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