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I Receive a lot of DM messages from Hairstylists, Asking for Help

Greg Gilmore

I get a lot of DM messages from hairstylists, asking about my website, marketing and my online business (products). In my last newsletter, I shared the woman that spearheads all of my online marketing and products '@TiaJones32'. The gal behind the scenes is now offering Virtual Digital Marketing Consultations. Yup, that's right!

If you have questions about your digital marketing, website or need a simple put in place, here's your chance to get it in.

Tia has 10+ years of Digital Marketing experience and has helped countless large (fortune 500 companies) and small business owners grow their business with a custom Digital Marketing Strategy. Let her help you grow your business or at least get started!
  • 30 Minute Digital Marketing Virtual Consultation - $25
  • 1 Hour Digital Marketing Virtual Consultation - $50
    • Includes 30-day follow up check--in call 

During your Virtual Consultation, Tia will touch on the following:

  • why you're not currently ranking in Google
  • the last time Google visited your site for indexing
  • how many pages of your website are currently indexed in Google
  • the Top 10 keywords currently bringing visitors to your website
  • the number of keywords currently bringing visitors to your website
  • the keywords that you should optimize your site for
  • including global volume of each keyword(s) 
  • how many domains are linking to your website
  • your Page and Domain Authority
  • your top 3 competitors in Google
  • and tons more!

You will walk away with a tailored plan for your business (website) and a complimentary follow-up call.  

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