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Hairstylists-- Have You Been Thinking About Going Independent?

Greg Gilmore

Hairstylists, please allow me to help you take your first baby steps. Schedule a one-on-one Virtual Consultation with me and we'll touch on all of the following and more!

  • Client Retention aka pre-booking
    • Pre-booking a customer's future appointment before (or perhaps within 24 hours) leaving the salon. Pre-booking is a business strategy that helps you achieve better client retention.
  • Customer Service 
    • Personalization is Paramount
    • Incorporated or LLC (the legalities)
  • Product selection & Usage
    • What are you trying to achieve
  • Budget
  • How to Price Services
    • Products, events, speaking engagements, tours, etc
Please select either Skype or Zoom to have your Virtual Consultation.
  1. 30-45 Min Hairstylist Virtual Consultation Q & A - $50

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