Want to know my No. 1 most POWERFUL secret to success?


Always Pre-book at least 75% of appointments

Greg Gilmore

Pre-booking should be a priority the minute you finish your client’s hair and they get up from your chair.  But you can’t ask for a pre-book or anything else until the service you're providing is great and your client's hair is on point! 

If you didn’t know, Pre-booking is a business strategy that helps you achieve better client retention. It's a great way to create consistency and establish loyalty with your clients. If your client's used to coming in twice a month on a specific date, assist them with making it part of their bi-weekly routine. They're less likely to cancel if you do this too. If they're new clients that you're still building a relationship with, always follow up with a phone call or an email, which will help with client loyalty. You can even take it step further by checking in with them via social (e.g. Hey boo, lookin' good!).  

Don't forget to also follow up with pending or waitlisted clients. Also, if you haven't seen an existing client in a while, send them an "I miss you" email or pick-up the phone and call them to check-in.

Okay y'all ... again, pre-book at least 75% of appointments! But don't forget, the hair has to be on P.O.I.N.T!



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