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Everything begins with the right mindset

Greg Gilmore

All my friends and family know that I love being a hairstylist and my own boss. I LOVE having the freedom to express my own creativity while making a living. However, everything begins with the right mindset. 

When you're not in the salon environment, independently, you have to continue educating yourself and improving your skills because everyday you're solo dolo.  You HAVE to be responsible for your own education and professional advancement and you MUST know your brand and establish your mission!

From the moment my eyes open in the morning, I'm thankful for what I have and how far I've come. Every single day, we have to do our best and work with what we have. Remember, when nothing is certain, anything is possible. We can't give up when faced with daily challenges because challenges are not there to kill us, but to strengthen our abilities. Some of y'all know that back in the day, I was out there in these streets networking and giving away free haircuts and hairstyles just to build my clientele. Now, I'm happy to say that I am booked solid every single week. It's all about that pre-book y'all

It's all connected... our gifts, our circumstance, our purpose, our imperfections, our journey and our destiny.  It's molding us, so we have to embrace it. Pleeeeeeease enjoy the beauty of becoming.

If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never have enough" - Oprah Winfrey.

Okay-- so with all that being said, in case you haven't seen my Solo Suite beginnings, here it is. I did this on my own and it was a four day process. Y'all already know .... #thehustleisreal. So to all the hairstylists out there, stay strong, focused and keep pushin' forward!



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