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Curling naturally curly hair vs naturally straight hair

Greg Gilmore

Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I love to cut hair. However, you would also know how much I love coloring hair. Coloring hair is just as transformative, if not more, than a haircut in some cases. It's definitely my second love. In my experience, I have discovered that coloring techniques used to achieve different color placements may need to be altered or changed completely when achieving them on texture hair.

If you ask me it actually requires more color to saturate the textured tresses then it does the naturally straight tresses. Also there is a lot of prepping the hair ( smoothing the hair to see where the right placement of color needs to go to achieve the look). When coloring textured hair each strand most be colored to insure that the the hair color processes evenly and doesn’t have any blotchy areas along the hair strand. This can make the hair color look amateur and not well executed. It takes a lot more preparation and consideration for large color projects as well as timing. As a stylist, I feel it's extremely important to talk with the client and discuss all the parameters of the process, so that the client has a realistic idea of how long the service will take, how much it will cost and all the potential risks.

If the textured hair is very thick, it will require more time, small partings and color section saturation. Sometimes, it will require more color formulation and product than is required on naturally straight hair. This is something that I feel gets over looked in the industry. When you see a beautifully executed all over color job on naturally curly or coiled hair, know that its been smoothed out so you can see all the intricacies of the color placement. Know that the stylist who  accomplished this, is a BEAST because of what it required to accomplish those results on textured hair.

Most stylist that primarily color naturally straight hair wont even tread into those textured territories. If you have a stylist that is able and willing to go through the territories with you, then you are definitely blessed!

Curling naturally curly hair vs naturally straight hair

Curling naturally curly hair vs naturally straight hair

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