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Color formula for my natural dark beauty bombshell Lauren Body

Greg Gilmore

I created a really dope shape rough draft cut first. I applied panels of medium blonde and high lift blonde throughout the top. I used two different lightener formulas, one with 10 volume, and the other with 30 volume to create different levels of blonde . Afterwards I toned the hair with a two different formulas. 

First Formula: 44g of 12/0 + 88g 30 volume
Second Formula: 44g of 12/11 + 88g 30 volume

I took large panels of 1/3rd inch sections and applying first formula to one section then second formula to next section then back to the first formula and then to the second again with each section. I did this starting in the front until I finished in the crown area. After completing my application it processed for about 20 minutes and we deep conditioned.

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