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Check Out My Treasures As An Independent Hairstylist

Greg Gilmore

If you're an independent hairstylist, you already know that having an overflow of color is like G.O.L.D. Typically, it takes years to accumulate your color toolbox. As a hairstylist, you have to be ready when your client has a color request. That's why it's very important to build and have an excess of color options to choose from.

Believe it or not, your client believes that you have every color imaginable available in your toolbox. This means, you need to be ready to not only create the color formula for their hair, but also be prepared to cancel out whatever existing color they may already have. 

The only way to stay ready for your clients color request is to make sure you always purchase more than one color. Make it a point to purchase 3-4 colors every time you step foot into the beauty supply or connect with your vendor. This is the only way to be ready when your client calls with a request. It's also good to take inventory every single time you purchase new colors. You want to know what's in your colors you're armed with at all times. Take inventory and store it where you have access to it 24/7.

Remember, you want to have a flood of options available to you when it comes to hair colors. Your client may not tell you before booking the appoint that they've been thinking about going cinnamon blonde until they put the cape on and get cozy and comfy in your chair. Be ready for those moments. You should have a 3-4 22W x 16D x 2H drawers filled to brim with color options. 

I hope you enjoyed this short snippet of advice. Remember, you only have 7 minutes to get the color right!  Okay y'all... happy color collecting! 

Greg Gilmore Shares His Treasures As An Independent Hairstylist

Greg Gilmore Shares His Treasures As An Independent Hairstylist

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