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Can I Help You Go Back to School Lookin' Fly?

Greg Gilmore

Its that time again y'all... back to school! I think it's the perfect time to mention the importance of wrapping your hair. Hair can be so delicate at times, and for some, the strands can be more fragile than paper. It would make sense that we need to treat and handle the hair with lots of care. When wearing your real hair, and or smoothed straightened hair, it's important to wrap it up at night. Wrapping the hair at night protects the ends and helps your hair to accumulate growth. I have found over the of years, that a number of young woman don’t know how to wrap their hair.

Wrapping the hair consists of taking a paddle brush or wide tooth come, brushing the hair forward from the crown and then brushing the hair around the head from the crown area working downward to create what resembles a bee hive shape. When this is accomplished tie a silk or satin scarf around the hair to cover and protect the hair while you sleep at night. Unlike cotton, that absorbs a lot of the natural oils in the hair, silk or satin scarfs provides a soft covering that is gentle on your delicate strands. 

Greg Gilmore Hair Wrapping at Night

Greg Gilmore Hair Wrapping at Night

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