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Greg Gilmore

You know there are really really dope artists on Instagram and other social platforms who I feel are SO dope, but sometimes are just off in the CUT chillin'. 😎

I just love me some Yodi! She is so gracious, kind and always pleasant.

I feel like she is so dope! Yodi is not boastful or arrogant. She is such a genuine person and really nice to be around. I am sure her clients are happy that they get to see her on a regular basis.

When you meet Yodi, you'll find that she is extremely talented and her cutting skills are so diverse. Yodi travels to all parts of the world educating hairstylists on the many techniques that can be used to cut hair.

Even though she is a really amazing artist, she is still so down to earth and always just “Chillin in the Cut."

That’s why I had to go ahead and shine a Artist Spotlight on my Boo Yodi Moses.

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  • Yes! Yodi Moses is absolutely Amazing!

    Tamekia Spencer

  • Humbly I blush reading this awesome highlight forms from this awesome talented artist!!! What an honor and pure pleasure! Keep being amazing!!😘🤗❤️

    Yodi Moses

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