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Artist Spotlight LaDosha Wright

Greg Gilmore

You know there are some really really dope artists on Instagram and other social media platforms who I feel are SO dope, but sometimes are just off in the Cut chillin'. “😎

I would like to highlight artist LaDosha Wright of The Reverence Design Team in Cleveland Heights Ohio. Now when it comes to hair care, this is one cosmetologist that I have full faith would always lead me in the right direction when it comes to knowledge with hair. With nearly 20 years in the hair industry, this college graduate and cosmetologist has pride herself in informing clients and women on the importance of proper hair care. I've personally known LaDosha Wright for more then 10 years and she actually started writing a small column on hair care back in 2007 for Cleveland’s own Call & Post!  LaDosha was dedicated to sharing information about hair to others with a mission to enlighten people about hair care and to debunk myths heard about her in the hair salon.

LaDosha has also taken it a step further by engaging today's youth with her self empowerment children’s book “Curly Hair Adventures,“ which was been written to encourage young Black Girls to embrace their naturally curly hair. Wright has also produced a product line called, “The Wright Hair Products,” which focuses on preserving the integrity of the hair thru moisture and balance. She also has another book launching soon called, “What they don’t tell you in the Hair salon“ 

LaDosha is tenacious when it comes to spreading the word about hair care and what you should know. I've never seen a more dedicated cheerleader of healthy hair.  She's one of the most knowledgeable hair colorists I know. It is drive like this that keeps the spirit alive and what it means to be a Professional and well Read/Informed Cosmetologist.

If you don’t know about LaDosha Wright, check her out on Facebook at Ladosha Wright or The Reverence Design Team or on IG: @msladoshawright or @iwrightbooks







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