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Artist Spotlight - Andy Drew 2

Greg Gilmore

You know there are some really really dope artists on Instagram and other social media platforms who I feel are SO dope, but sometimes are just off in the Cut chillin'.

This week I would like to shine a spotlight on one of the most talented Artists that I know, Andy Drew 2. Andy is one of those people that if you know him he has definitely been a blessing to you in some way. I have never seen someone create as much as he creates and be so passionate about his creativity STILL after doing it for so many years. Andy lives eats and breathes his art. Literally! I say that because his range of creativity is so broad, that it encompasses, natural hair, cooking, fashion, paint on canvas, crafts, design, poetry, jewelry, and photography.

I would reference Andy to a growing tree. His talent and creativity continue to grow more progressive and inspiring with each passing phase in his life. He is a true artist creating a body of work that reflects his strong grit and true talent. Andy has done Locs for many many years. In fact, Andy used to do my Locs when I had Locs about 6 years ago. Andy was actually responsible for helping me to take out my Locs when I decided to cut my hair. The loc styles that he creates are beautiful and eye catching. Andy has also worked with some of the best including other dope artists, actors, and entrepreneurs. You would never hear him boast about it because those things are not what defines his work. Your work doesn’t always have to be on a famous canvas to be seen and recognized as amazing.

His work has inspired me over the years as it has grown. The aesthetic of Andy’s work is rich in culture reminiscent of vintage African American heritage mixed with a modern perspective. Creativity: The use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of artistic work. I feel like Andy Drew expresses so much creativity in all that he does. He is truly amazing!

You can find Andy Drew just chilling off in the cut having great convo and probably sharing some encouraging message to the soul. Always being uplifting in the process. You can find his work on IG @andydrew2 or @andydrew2thebrand.

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