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Greg Gilmore

Pre-lighten the tips of the hair in the top area with lightener and add 30 volume developer. Allow it to process for about 5 to 6 minutes.

Apply a new mix of lightener with 20 volume on the mid shaft to about 1/3rd of an inch away from the scalp. Process that for about 15 minutes.

Apply a new mix of lightener and 20 volume to the root area and allow 15 more minutes to process. Note: You must be quick with your application time, take small sections and use a loose toothed comb to comb the color through making sure the hair is thoroughly saturated). I’m always more confident in my color application when I use bond builders such as Olaplex or Wellaplex in my formula.

For the toner I used Wellas’ Pink Dream demi-permanent color (20 grams) with a pinch of Wella’s Muted Mauve/Violet to knock out any unwanted yellow (If left unchecked, it could have given Robyn a more peachy pink color versus the rose pink). I applied this formula all over and left the ends out on the top.

After about 15 minutes of processing I massaged the color into the ends and allowed that to slightly tone the ends for the last 5 minutes.

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