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A Haircut is the Evolution of a Person

Greg Gilmore

People change all the time. One thing we can count on consistently is change. That also applies to people. People change from one thing to the next and those changes are usually shown in there wardrobe, personality or way of doing things. Another thing that changes when people change is the way they wear their hair. Usually when people are seeking change their first instinct is to change their hair when they are inspired. The haircut and color is one of the most noticeable changes that a person can make. It is much more of a commitment than the temporary notion of an outfit change. It definitely lets you know that this person is serious about a new look.  
Evolution: The gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form. 
A new haircut or color is literally the evolution of that person. Cutting requires technique, focus, and color also requires the same. Concentration and skill is required when changing the hair; therefore, it could be defined as a very complex development. Depending on the shape of cut, a person can look older or younger, conservative or rebellious. The cut contributes greatly to what defines you as a person. Its a piece of your identity. As you change so does your hair and as evolution occurs in a person so does the evolution of their hair.
How would your hair reflect your evolution? 

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